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Kyiv Institute ``MiskCivilProject``

It is a team of creative personalities, who work in cohesion, having 25 years of experience in successful creation and implementation of projects, as well as using innovative developments to implement the most ambitious ideas of the Customer. We differ with our ability to feel the Customer, choose customer-tailored design solutions and perform the most difficult tasks. Nothing matters more than caring about our clients, helping developers to get the best performance at sites and being as productive as possible. Institute ``MiskCivilProject`` was founded to implement the projects, which will help ensure a comfortable, harmonious, aesthetic and more sophisticated urban environment. ``MiskCivilProject`` is a company that successfully combines modern technology and classic architectural school. It is the Institute ``MiskCivilProject`` which has become the only company that developed a unique 3D model of Kyiv that includes all the buildings of the city and allows you to analyze the effect of future construction projects on the city's development and their compliance with the architectural landscape of the area.

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+38 (044) 593-31-32
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04070, Ukraine, Kyiv
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